In the four and a half years when Norman built and then looked after this, our main site, about 900 pages were produced. Sadly many of them seem to have been forgotten, judging by the site traffic figures. In this section we are bringing some of these pages out of the dark, dusty corners of our server and suggesting that you might want to visit, or re-visit, them. Most of the pages are still very interesting, and some of these are mentioned below.

Going through all the pages will take time so, to make a start, we are showing the ones which come from the 16 blogs which are included in our site.


There are five Prayers blogs, one for each year from 2011 to 2015. Maintaining these was very time-consuming - so we are now suggesting that users of this site look to our new PDF Bulletins to find current Prayer Lists.

However, we must not forget those listed in our Prayers Archives.

So please click here to go to the page which lists all of the various Prayers Archives.


There are also five Bulletins blogs, one for each year from 2011 to 2015. Producing these was very, very time-consuming - and that is why we moved to PDF Bulletins.

Please click here to go to the page which lists all of the Bulletins currently available online.


There are three Art blogs, which are all worth a visit. These are:

Front Page Art (15 entries)

Scripture Images (2 entries)

Faith Matters Art (1 entry)

Sunday Mass

This blog has Scripture Reflections by Fr Ness for various Sundays in Liturgical Year A.

Altogether there are 21 thought-provoking entries.

Please click here to go to the archive.


This blog was created following what happened in Norway on 22 July 2011.

"God is to be found in the people who offer comfort and support in times of great distress."

In these pages we offer the thoughts of people from around the world: people of different faiths and beliefs.

We hope you take some comfort from them, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but in the weeks and months and years ahead. We'll keep them here for you.

Please click here to go to the archive.

The sixteenth blog is called News Archive. We will not show this in its present form for now, as many of the links within it have not stood the test of Time. We will, however, bear it in mind for display sometime in the future.